Birthday Note

Seven years old!

And just like that, Working for Grouse was seven years old. This blog began in 2010 when my work on the Chayne had just taken off, and it has meandered into some strange and unexpected corners since then. I doubt if many readers still survive from my first tentative posts, but I understand that there are one or two die-hards who have stuck with me as I have ranged to and fro. Thank you to these, and thanks equally to those who come and go, sifting through the mounds of chaff for the occasional small reward.

I periodically write rather inadequate “thank you” notes on occasions like these, but suffice it to say for now that as much as this blog is a labour of love and would be written even if it was never published or read, feedback and support from my readers has helped get this project (and me!) where I am today.

6 thoughts on “Birthday Note

  1. Robert Dick

    Happy Birthday Patrick to you and to your Blog – which must be such a labour of love – and yet must also over these seven years have given so much pleasure to many. Well done – and for good ness sake keep it up!
    Best wishes

  2. jonathan pointer

    Agree whole heartedly with Robert, I always read your new posts, love the descriptive writing and the new directions you go in, it’s all relavent to the countryside and interesting to read your take on it-thank you

  3. Andy Roberts

    Happy Birthday Patrick. Your writing often provides a welcome distraction from the fast paced daily grind, which for me more often than not involves starring at a computer screen day in day out. Keep up the great work.

  4. James King

    You cover subject matter that mirror my own interests. I have followed the blog for years and bought your book (for me and as presents) on the back of it. Thank you for the time, effort and thought put in.

  5. peter

    Been reading for a long time. So nice to read the views of someone that are similar to mine, particularly in a world of extreme points of view.

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