Bulling in Progress

Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 13.52.27
Working away at his own pace

There have been some extremely encouraging signs of progress amongst the galloways over the past few days, and while old Charlie’s feet have been giving him some grief, this is probably more a result of being kept indoors all summer than anything more pernicious. Twenty four hours after his arrival, he had latched on to one of the beltie heifers and spent a good deal of time licking her from head to toe. He interspersed this activity with periods of prolonged snuffing, curling up his top lip to gather in crucial smells and hormones. It’s quite a vulgar spectacle, and while I’m delighted to see him working away, I see something of Sid James in him.

This morning he was in steady but determined pursuit of one of the riggit heifers. She seemed almost as keen as he did, and he moved towards mounting her once or twice before they both vanished into the gorse. Of course this is all extremely encouraging, and  while there are many variables and obstacles lying in wait, it could lead to calves in May. For now, the project is at a fever pitch of excitement.


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