The last five years with cattle have been an eye-opener and a voyage of discovery that I would never regret. But I can only stand still with a “herd” of seven cattle (with followers) and a bull. In taking on new ground and looking to the future, it became clear that I have done the groundwork for something bigger. It’s cheap to keep a handful of cows, but by the same logic, there’s little to sell at the end of the year. I could write an entire series of blog articles on why I feel like this is a good (and timely) project in a world of agricultural uncertainty, and I have high hopes for a future where this kind of work will be more financially sustainable – but my feeling has been that it’s time to get bigger or throw in the towel.

In a series of fortunate events, some really nice riggit galloway cattle became available and I have taken the opportunity to double the size of my herd. The decision was made with a certain amount of trepidation, but when circumstances align as they have done over the last year, it seemed like a risk worth taking. It goes without saying that I really believe in every inch of this project, so here’s to a great deal more of Working for Grouse – there is plenty more to come on the fringes of conservation in agriculture!

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