Screenshot 2020-05-31 at 14.17.41
The replicant – a carbon copy of her mother

Courthill, Buittle Parish – 31/5/20

The calving is halfway done, and the new calves lie snoozing in a blare of sunshine. Here is the second generation of calves from my bull Godwit, and they’re a fine mix of patterns and colours. The most beautiful by far is an immaculately marked riggit heifer born last week to one of my original batch of cows which came down from Balmaclellan in 2016. It was fun to find that this cow threw a bull calf last year which might have been herself in miniature. The resemblance was almost uncanny; every blotch and smudge had repeated upon the calf in beautiful duplicate. This year, she’s done it again – and in producing a heifer, she seems almost to have cloned herself.

There are four more calves to come, and one in particular that I am sorely excited to see. Every day seems to stretch on to twice a reasonable length as I agonise and fret, checking my watch and waiting for the new beasts to show themselves.

One thought on “Arrivals

  1. Michael

    Hello, have you crossed a riggit with belted Galloway? We have a few belties and wondering what the riggit cross would look like. Cheers, Michael

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