This blog is more of a personal diary than an attempt to market my writing and artwork, but it’s too good an opportunity not to mention that I recently had a book published by Merlin Unwin Books.

Entitled “The Black Grouse”, my book is the first text ever solely devoted to those birds. Much of the book is written from a sporting perspective in order to show how vital shooting is to the future of black grouse, and I spent two years doing research in libraries across the country, bringing together material that had never been brought together before.

If you’re interested, you can buy the book from the publishers (MerlinUnwin) or, while I still have them, you can buy signed copies from me, although I only have a couple left.

As a final word, I illustrated the book myself and now can offer prints or originals of every painting for sale. Send me an email if interested…


Reviews of “The Black Grouse”

‘***** This beautiful book is a labour of love, with its lively text and striking illustrations by the author. ‘

The Scotsman, Sept 2012

‘Whichever background you come from, this is must to read as it covers so many basic questions, including the age-old quandary between the shooting world and conservation.’

The Highland News, July 2012

‘It is without doubt a book which, no matter your individual knowledge of the bird in question, you will learn something from. For many, they will learn alot, because Patrick has done an exceptional job in researching this bird.’

Lindsay Waddell, NGO Chairman, Aug 2012

‘It is clear that Mr. Laurie is a man who knows his subject not from reading books on the species, but from real life experience, from being immersed in the environment and from putting in the leg work and time’.

The Irish Farmer’s Journal, Sept 2012

It has also had some pretty rotten reviews, but those were all from people who oppose the idea of shooting in any form, so it’s hard to take them personally or see them as a reflection of my work.

3 thoughts on “Book

  1. Ian Walker

    Hi Patrick had your book bought me for christmas an excellent read.It would seem we have the same passion for grouse.Keep up the good work.cheers Ian

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