I welcome all kinds of digital input on this blog, but there is no substitute for speaking face-to-face. If you’re in Galloway and you’re interested in anything I’ve written about over the past few years, please get in touch. It’s easy to take visitors out onto the hill for a chat, and I enjoy showing people “behind the scenes” around places which are far removed from the normal tourist trail.

On a more formal basis, I can now take visitors out on customised trips to see wildlife in Galloway, and I’m always keen to discuss new ideas. I hope to develop this over the next few months, but if you’d like to see come along with me and see black grouse and upland waders or nightjars and roding woodcock, it can be easily arranged. Most trips take an hour or two and start or end with a pint in the pub, and the aim is to provide a visit that is relaxed, interesting and tailored to you.

More to come on this.