Looking Back

Fond memories

I never give much thought to the amount of work that has gone into this blog over the past few years, and I almost never read back through the old archives from when it started in 2009. It has become a really nice record of all my struggles and strife over the years, and I must set aside some time to reviewing it properly one day.

Regardless, it so happened that I was looking for the name of a visitor who made some really good comments on the subject of curlews in 2011, and in so doing I happened to find this picture (above) of my favourite blackcock – the bird who started this whole ball rolling.

I make no apology for recycling material, or for the fact that it is technically quite a poor photograph – I just liked it and felt that it warranted a dusting off and a re-airing. I remember the moment as if it were yesterday, and it still gives me a pleasant tingle.

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